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Our Team

Dr. Philip John, MD (NIMHANS)
Medical Director & Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Philip John is a senior consultant in psychiatry and he is recognized in the psychiatric fraternity across India for pioneering the shift of psychiatry into mainstream medicine by popularizing its practice as the application of basic neurosciences. His second most applauded contribution is as the forerunner of child psychiatry services in the private sector, with his Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) today being widely known nationally and internationally. This child psychiatry division, Peejays CGC, was started as a multidisciplinary guidance centre for children with learning and behavior difficulties.

Dr. Philip John, MD served as an expert for the CBSE, New Delhi. Associated with the World Health Organisation (WHO), India Country Office. Has held several positions in various professional organisations. He is a fellow of the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) and the American Psychiatric Association (APA). He was President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) at Cochin for two successive years, Chairman of the State HIV/AIDS Committee, Founder Trustee of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Blood Bank at Cochin, Founder Trustee of the Society for Organ Retrieval and Transplant (SORT) in Cochin, Expert for the Amendment Committee of Persons with Disabilities Act, Government of India, at varying tenures.

In clinical practice, his areas of interest are neuropsychiatry, and learning and behaviour disorders in children.

Dr. Johann Philip, MD
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Joel Philip, MD
Consultant Psychiatrist

Betty Joseph
Senior Special Educator

Silvy Mathew
Senior Medical & Psychiatric Social Worker

Blessy Nithin
Clinical Psychologist

Nithu David
Psychiatric Social Worker

Litty Varghese
Medical Social Worker

Mathew M. Varghese
Psychiatric Social Worker

Poornima Rachel Cherian
Language Pathologist

Susmi Shan
Child Development Counselor

Deepthi Jose
Language Pathologist

Tokom Mathew Jacob
Occupational Therapist