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Appointment FAQs

Why do I have to travel? Can I not chat with my doctor on skype or msn?

When it comes to professional consultation, we remain quite old fashioned. Although an online consultation would save time and cut costs, the whole experience of visiting your doctor or therapist is lost, and the whole process is bereft of the happiness of human contact. Moreover, a physical exam would also be rendered impossible. Hence, we accept only physical consultations at our outpatient clinics.

Can I get an appointment by email, or get one online?

We take appointments for all consultants either on the phone, or in person at our clinics. We do not take appointments through email or third party websites.

What if my consultant suddenly becomes unavailable on the day of my appointment?

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may have to cancel your appointment. However, we will inform you of the same at the earliest, and ensure another confirmed appointment at the earliest possible date that is convenient to you.

I won’t be able to make it for my appointment. What do I do?

In the unlikely event that you are not able to make it for your appointment, kindly call us and make the cancellation atleast 3 working days in advance. We shall give you another appointment at the next available date.

So I’ve taken an appointment for the 14th of April. Do I get a definite time slot to see my doctor?

No two patients are alike, and the duration of time taken for therapy varies from patient to patient. As we do not impose a ceiling on the amount of time spent with your consultant, we become unable to give you a definite time slot. However, our office staff would be able to help you get a rough idea of an average time, based on previous patient experience.

Why do I need to take a prior appointment well in advance?

At Peejays, consultations are by prior appointment only. Usually, appointments need to be taken atleast a few weeks in advance to ensure availability. A confirmed appointment with your consultant helps you to keep a regular follow-up, and hence allows good medication compliance.

What information can be found in my health record

health record is created any time you see a health professional such as a doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, or psychiatrist. You could find the following in your health record:

  • Your medical history and your family’s medical history
  • Labs and x-rays
  • Medications prescribed
  • Alcohol use and sexual activity
  • Details about your lifestyle (smoking, exercise, recreational drug use, high-risk sports, stress levels)
  • Doctor/nurse notes
  • Results of operations and proceduresGenetic testing
  • Research participation
  • Any Information you provide on applications for disability, life or accidental insurance with private insurers or government programs
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number
  • Financial information such as credit cards and payment info

Who has access to my health records

Many more people than you would ever want, including people outside the health care industry.

  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies especially if you receive Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, SSI, Workers Comp or any local, state or federal assistance
  • Employers
  • Banks, Financial Institutions
  • Researchers
  • If you are involved in a court case, your health records can be subpoenaed and available to the public
  • Marketers
  • Drug companies
  • Data miners
  • Transcribers in and outside the U.S.
  • Many health websites collect information about you

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Can my personal health information be used and disclosed without any notice to me or without my informed consent at the time of treatment


The Amended HIPAA Privacy Rule states only that you must receive a Privacy Notice telling you how your personal health information will be used and disclosed. Section 164.520(c) (2) (i) (A).
Privacy Notices are often mistaken for consent forms, but they are simply notices telling you what will happen to your medical records.


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