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    Child Psychiatry Services
    Comprehensive services
    that are tailored to meet your individual needs
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    Adult Psychiatry Services
    Comprehensive adult psychiatry services
    that are tailored to meet your individual needs

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AISHA ROAD, NH Byepass, Next to Gold Souk, VYTTILA, Kochi-19, Kerala
P: 773 64 22 777, 773 64 22 888

About Peejays

Peejays is a unique trade mark in the Practice of Medicine, representing a new concept. It brings together under one roof the entire range of Clinical Neurosciences. Psychiatry and Neurology are under one roof at Peejays @ the Neurocenter. Peejays Policlinic and Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) is the Neuropsychiatry wing of the Neurocenter, Cochin, headed by Dr Philip John with over 35 years of experience in Psychiatry.

This is a full fledged establishment with a large team of Multidisciplinary Professionals including Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Pediatricians and all related Professionals to cater to psychiatric, medical disorders in Adults and Children. Psychiatry is practised here as a Medical Speciality.

Dr Philip John's journey into Medicine and later into Psychiatry

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Our Comprehensive Services

Adult General Psychiatry

Psychiatry has changed. The Mind is generated by the Brain. Psychiatry is a branch of Medicine.

At Peejays, there is a team of Senior and Junior Psychiatrists with decades of experience practising Psychiatry in a quiet setting, as a branch of Medicine. General Psychiatric Disorders without excitement, Neurotic and Psychotic Disorders, Physical symptoms arising from psychological reasons, Pain and Psychosomatic disorders that may co exist with other physical diseases etc are evaluated and treated with medicines and therapies.

To re-iterate, Psychiatry is a branch of Medicine and therefore Psychiatrists are primarily Physicians.

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Child Psychiatry

Peejays pioneered Psychiatric services for children in Kerala. Child Psychiatry as a sub-speciality.

The next decade of Psychiatry will be defined by medical treatments for Developmental and Behaviour Disorders in Children. At Peejays CGC, children are referred for Learning Disorders, Intelligence Deficits, Concentration and Hyper Activity Disorders, Language Disorders, Movement Co-ordination Disorders as well as Emotional and Behaviour Disorders. The Centre for Autism Spectrum Disorders is unique at Peejays because of our protocol to come to a quick diagnosis and administer guidance for Therapies as well as medical Pharmaco therapies.

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Psychiatry in Emirates

The UAE under its visionary Leadership is making spectacular strides in its development.

Along with it comes stress of life and child rearing. It is in this background that the services available at Peejays were being extended to the population of UAE through another Child Guidance Clinic. These Services encompass Child and Adolescent evaluations and therapies. Multidisciplinary Guidance for Children with Special Needs constitutes the evaluation and guidance by various Professionals including Psychiatrists, Special Educator, Language Pathologist, Clinical Psychologist and Medical Social Worker. Services are similar to Peejays @ the Neurocenter Cochin.

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