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Who needs our clinical services

Our Services cover the following areas:

Adult Services

Psychiatric Disorders, minor and major (except excitement) are evaluated and treated at the Policlinic. There are three consultant psychiatrists in the team.

The Department of Psychiatry at Peejays Policlinic, Kochi, Kerala perceives psychiatry as the application of neurosciences to a person’s day-to-day problems which may include-

Sleep problems | Fatigue, Tiredness | Headache, Backache | Chest pain, Muscle pains | Somatoform symptoms| Fibromyalgia | Giddiness, Unsteadiness | Palpitations | Breathlessness, Choking in the Chest | Butterflies in the Stomach | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Abdominal pains | Sexual Dysfunctions | Eating Disorders etc.

If these physical symptoms, after investigation by the respective specialist, do not represent a physical disease, then they may constitute psychiatric or psychosomatic disorders- physical symptoms precipitated by the mind.

Child Services

Many difficulties in children may just be variations of the normal. Hence, our services include professional evaluation for:

  • Poor School Performance (PSP) and Learning Disorders (LD)
  • Levels of Intelligence (IQ) and Types of Intelligence
  • Special Skills and Abilities
  • Academic Skill Deficits in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, etc.
  • Speech and Language Disorders: stuttering, aphasias, etc
  • Motor Skill Deficits; poor handwriting, clumsiness, etc.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADD/ADHD)
  • Oppositional/ Defiant Behavior, Conduct Disorders
  • Addiction to TV/ Internet, Disorganized routines
  • Tics/ Tourette Disorder, “Silent” Epilepsy
  • Obsessive Behavior/ Disorders; obsessive slowness/ procrastination
  • Anxiety, School Phobia, Exam Phobia and various Fears in the child
  • Depression, Social Withdrawal, loss of interest, motivation
  • Developmental Neurological Disorders
  • “Functional” symptoms like Headache, Breathlessness, Stomachache, Frequent sickness, Absenteeism from school, etc.

These are some of the problems in children that need to be checked out by a Team of Specialists.

Such a facility is provided in one single centre as Peejays Child Guidance Clinic (CGC), Kochi.