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Our Work

Adult General Psychiatry

The Senior Consultants at Peejays have had decades of experience in dealing with all types of adult psychiatry disorders.

Having worked in the busiest referral hospitals, they are well-versed in diagnosis and management of core psychological disorders as well as in consultation-liaison psychiatry. The Consultants also use admission facilities; however excited patients are not generally examined within this office practice set-up.

Adult general psychiatry is a core service at this clinic.

All consultants examine both adult as well as child psychiatry cases in the outpatient.

Child Psychiatry

We have a focus on learning and behaviour problems in children. The cases that require multi-disciplinary evaluations are referred for detailed assessment to the Child Guidance Clinic (CGC). Significant work has been going on in the Child Psychiatry Division on certain evolving new concepts of disorders including Autism and other Developmental Disorders. Language and Attentional disorders have been repositioned in the way this clinic deals with developmental disorders. The perception of this new thinking in developmental disorders has made it possible to discern novel strategies of medical management for these disorders.

The team at the CGC that comprises of various specialists and disciplines in its protocol, uses a detailed Intake Interview, to assess the causes for poor school performance (PSP), examines the child for overlapping psychological as well as developmental disorders.

Speech and language assessments, tests of general intelligence/ IQ, grade-based assessments of reading, writing, spelling, maths, etc. are undertaken. This results in a multidisciplinary, comprehensive diagnosis and documentation.

Psychoeducation, guidelines and counseling for both children and parents follow.

Apart from these clinical services, the team at Peejays is equipped for, and conducts regular outreach programmes for parents, teachers, children and other healthcare professionals. Awareness and advocacy for children with developmental disorders is a key focus.

Research and documentation is an ongoing process. Manpower-training and teaching take place on a regular basis. Students from various colleges and teaching institutions do field training and block-placement with us.