Monday through Saturday- 8am to 6pm


Adult Psychiatry

All Psychiatric Disorders, minor and major (except excitement) are evaluated and treated at our Policlinic. Senior consultant psychiatrists with decades of experience are available in the Team.

The Department of Psychiatry at Peejays Policlinic practises Psychiatry as a Branch of Medicine. Today, Psychiatry is the application of neurosciences to a person’s day-to-day problems – which may include in addition to psychological distress:

Sleep problems | Fatigue, Tiredness | Headache, Backache | Chest pain, Muscle pains | Somatoform symptoms| Fibromyalgia | Giddiness, Unsteadiness | Palpitations | Breathlessness, Choking in the Chest | Butterflies in the Stomach | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Abdominal pains | Sexual Dysfunctions | Eating Disorders etc.

If these physical symptoms, after investigation by the respective specialist, do not represent a physical disease, then they may constitute psychiatric or psychosomatic disorders- physical symptoms precipitated by the mind from the brain.

Working with other disciplines especially neurological services, consultation-liaison psychiatry is a core strength of our clinic.