Monday through Saturday- 8am to 6pm


Appointment Etiquette

The outpatient is a place where decorum is valued. For the consideration of others, we request that noise be kept minimum. Because of the need to keep the place as quiet as possible, our clinics may not encourage persons with agitation or excitement to consult as outpatient.Unlike other Specialties, some patients who consult us may require longer time with the doctors, especially if it is the first visit. Under such circumstances, please bear with reasonable delays in the appointments; arbitrary timings may not be possible.

Dr. Philip John consults only by appointments. Walk-in consultations are possible with the other doctors.For appointments, kindly contact our office staff, and please leave your phone numbers in case they need to contact you. Please also confirm the doctor’s calendar the day before you travel.

It may become necessary for reasons beyond control to cancel appointments either way. In case an appointment needs to be cancelled, please make it a point to telephone and inform the reception staff about the cancellation well in advance. Your appointment may then be re-scheduled.

Kindly refrain from using the mobile phone on our premises. Phones may be kept in silent mode or switched off while in the waiting area or consultation room.

Smoking, of course, is not permitted.