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Child Psychiatry – An Emerging Subspeciality

Psychiatry itself is a new branch of medicine. It is now practised as the application of basic neurology to every person’s day-to-day problems; this has helped to remove the old misconceptions and stigma about psychiatric consultations. People walk into our Clinic as in a General Medicine Clinic.

Using the latest research techniques, researchers today know that the mind is generated by the brain. We ‘think’ and ‘feel’ inside the brain. The mind’s functions such as thinking, feeling, learning, speaking or writing are carried out by specific biochemicals in designated areas of the brain.  Any developmental delay in these areas can cause learning, behavior and emotional disorders.

With the rapidly changing family and social structure in our country in these times, learning and behavior problems in children have compounded in the recent past.

Hence the emergence of Child Psychiatry as a subspecialty.